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Our Mission

Create a shopping platform to empower the activist consumer.

Promote avant-garde fashion design, sustainable manufacturing, and local shopping.

Raise awareness and encourage ethical shopping habits.

Our Values

Avant-Garde Design

We believe that sustainability is better served by premium, timeless design. By supporting the most creative ethical fashion brands and designers, we promote clothes that will stay part of your wardrobe longer.

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secondtoNAKED promotes creative brands and designers that are taking on the challenge of creating the path to sustainability and local manufacturing. We feature activewear and apparel that is made from either organic, alternative or recycled raw materials, and/or made in the U.S.A.


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*Local Is the New Black*

We aim to support local brands and retailers by generating in-store traffic anytime it can enhance the shopping experience. We are working on lowering the carbon footprint of the order fulfillment process by reducing the total distance clothes have to travel before finding a wardrobe.

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