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Avant-Garde Design

Fast Fashion is History

We are part of a growing tribe that no longer believe in the “fast fashion myth.” Clothing does not need to go in and out of style. In fact, your entire wardrobe can be timeless…even post-fashion. We believe, at a philosophical level, that trends as a concept can no longer influence our spending habits if we hope to live in a sustainable world.

Premium Design as the First Step Towards Sustainability.

Independent of the manufacturing process, the longer we wear our clothes, the closer we get to sustainability. In order for that to happen, it is necessary that our clothes:

  • look fantastic,
  • don’t go out of style quickly,
  • are made from high quality material.

secondtoNAKED supports brands that take these three fundamental ideas into account when designing their new collections, so that they are not subject to fleeting trends.

 Fashion Goes, Design Remains.

When a piece of clothing features a prime design, what magazines say about the new summer trend, what is in style and what is out of style, simply is irrelevant.

Creative and Renewable Clothing

Being eco-friendly requires an extra dose of creativity. That means shaking up old ways of manufacturing apparel and using alternative raw materials such as modal, soy, and hemp.

We support avant-garde brands who experiment with design while making ethical choices about their manufacturing processes. It’s creative design with a conscience.


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