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Gaiam-Classic Yoga Strap - 6ft

Gaiam-Classic Yoga Strap – 6ft, Beige

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About the Gaiam Classic Yoga Strap – 6ft:

This 8′ Yoga Strap is 2 feet longer than standard straps, helping you get deeper into stretches and provides that extra length you need to get into any pose. Reach limbs more easily and hold that pose for longer, improving flexibility and your practice.

  • Deepens stretches and improves flexibility
  • Allows you to maintain poses for a longer period of time
  • 2 feet longer than standard yoga straps
  • Measurements: 8’L.
  • Materials: 100% Polyester.
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash. Dry flat.
  • Color: Beige.

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