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Manduka-GRP Everyday Mat Cleanser

Manduka-GRP Everyday Mat Cleanser

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About the Manduka-GRP Everyday Mat Cleanser:

Keep your mat feeling (and smelling) fresh with our Everyday Yoga Mat Cleanser. Specifically made for the Manduka GRP and all open-cell yoga mats, this cleanser is perfect for daily post-practice use.

  • 6.7 oz. (200 ml)
  • Pump foam onto a clean sponge or damp cloth, apply pressure and wipe down entire surface of your mat. Use ½ to ¾ oz for each cleansing. Rinse sponge or cloth thoroughly and wipe down mat with fresh water. Hang to dry before rolling and storing the mat.
  • For a TOTAL mat refresh, use with our Deep Yoga Mat Cleanser. A periodic deep cleansing is recommended to remove all buildup and extend the life of your GRP mat. Depending upon frequency of use, do a deep cleanse 2 to 4 times per month.

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