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Open Heart Warrior-Amethyst Transforming Mala Necklace
Open Heart Warrior-Amethyst Transforming Mala Necklace

Open Heart Warrior-Amethyst Transforming Mala Necklace

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About the Open Heart Warrior Amethyst Transforming Mala Necklace:

Open Heart Warrior Amethyst Bead Necklace is hand made in Los Angeles with great attention to detail. This unique prayer bead necklace features a special touch from designer Mary Caroline. The luxurious silk tassel is suspended from a sterling silver bow and arrow pendant for a distinctive detail. Every Mala is cleansed with a selenite wand and infused with positive affirmations, love, and good vibes before it is sent of to you.

The shiny amethyst bead necklace aids with inner connection and growth. Wear the prayer bead necklace as a meditation aid, a lifestyle piece or as a daily intention for growth.


All 109, 8mm round (108 plus 1 guru bead) high quality gemstone beads were carefully sourced and are individually hand knotted with a supple yet durable nylon for long lasting use. The amethyst bead necklace measures 40″ long and comfortably wraps 5x around the average wrist.


The tassel is handmade from luxurious silk strands and is soft to the touch. Measure’s 2″ in length


The Open Heart Warrior (Bow and Arrow) pendant is an original design created from lost wax and casted in recycled sterling silver with Open Heart Warrior engraved on one side of the bow giving your prayer bead necklace a more meaningful and empowering intention. FYI: Please request it blank if you don’t want engraving.


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