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YogiWheel-Shine like the whole universe is yours

YogiWheel-Shine like the whole universe is yours

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About the YogiWheel Shine like the whole universe is yours :

Go deeper with the YogiWheel. Handcrafted to help you deepen your yoga journey the YogiWheel opens your back when combined with certain yoga poses and gives you a stretch you couldn’t imagine. Use this YogiWheel to relieve minor back aches, open your back and other muscles. This wheel can also be used to expand your current practice and explore variations of common yoga poses. The inside of this YogiWheel reads the quote “Shine like the whole universe is yours.”  by Rumi to remind you of your innate abilities and inner light.

  • Basic size, great for both beginning yogis and experienced practitioners.
  • Offers a deep front stretch.
  • Opens the entire back and shoulders.
  • Can align the spine.
  • Can help relax muscles.
  • Can expand the chest.
  • Stretches hip flexers and quadriceps.
  • Can help with back pain and injuries.
  • Features a comfortable rubbery exterior that is soft and easy on your back and joints.
  • Holds up approx. 270 pounds.
  • Ideal for yoga and back stretching.
  • Care: Spot clean only.

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