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4 San Diego Yoga Studios to Switch Up Your Flow

People practicing yoga in dark room

4 San Diego Yoga Studios to Switch Up Your Flow

Gone are the days when Californians need to suffer through only one type of yoga in their town. These days, there’s a yoga class for just about every yogi’s ever-changing needs. You’ll never get bored in one of these classes, specifically designed to let your yoga flag fly. So grab your eco-friendly yoga clothes and get ready to experience something new!

Goat Yoga

The newest backyard yoga craze has finally made its way to San Diego. Goat yoga (a flow of asanas where trained goats climb on your body to help release tension) is now offered at the Blissful Goat in North San Diego.

Just try holding cow pose while a four-legged friend happily tap dances all over your body. Not only can the goats help coax your limbs into their correct form, but animal contact is a great way to relieve stress and gain a blissful state of calm.

Since these guys specialize in goat yoga, you can find this elevated form of the exercise nearly every day of the week.

Goats in farm

Location and Details

The Blissful Goat
Classes every weekend at noon (weather and goat permitting).
Star’s Farm, San Marcos, CA 92069

Blacklight Yoga

Ever done yoga under the blanket of darkness? Now you can enjoy yoga in the dark–with a little twist. Blacklight yoga encourages yogis to get decked out in black light paint before the lights go down. Once the room is pitch-black, all you’ll see of your fellow practitioners is their carefully placed face and body paint.

Blacklight yoga aims to prevent you from focusing too much on your neighbors’ form. You need not worry about knocking into the person next to you during pigeon pose because you have a general idea of his or her location. Yet you can still enjoy judgment-free yoga–thanks to the dimmed lights.

Location and Details

Spirit Yoga Studios
Blacklight classes held monthly; call for more info.
1559 Garnet Ave, San Diego, California 92109

Aerial Yoga

If you’ve ever wished you could run away and join the circus, this yoga class is for you. You’ll (safely) swing from the ceiling from a silk hammock while you twist, turn and backflip your way through a series of asanas.

The hammock allows you–through the gravity and the weight of your own body–to effortlessly lean in to stretches that would normally leave you panting and out of breath.

You’ll walk away feeling refreshed, lighter than air and wondering if it’s too soon to sign up for your next class.

Women practicing aerial yoga

Location and Details

Aerial Revolution
Classes held daily; check website for full schedule.
5370 Napa Street, San Diego, CA 92110

Pole Yoga

Want to unleash your inner goddess while trying out some badass yoga moves and getting a great workout? Pole yoga combines all of the strength-training and stress-relieving benefits of yoga with the cardio benefits of pole dancing. Not only will you rock the dance floor with killer pole moves, but you’ll also find peace and serenity in some of your favorite poses. What could be better than finding empowerment in addition to enlightenment?

Location and Details

Pole art is offered daily; check website for times.
5026 Cass St, B, San Diego, CA 92109

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