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7 Wonderful Benefits of Wearing Organic Yoga Clothing

Women wearing organic yoga clothing and practicing yoga on the beach.

7 Wonderful Benefits of Wearing Organic Yoga Clothing

You’ve heard of shopping for organic foods, but have you ever heard of organic clothing? Probably not, but you should know this is definitely a thing.

Organic clothing, like organic foods, use materials to make your product that weren’t genetically modified. They also grow more naturally and need fewer chemicals.

There are already a ton of different ways that organic clothing is already getting used, like in streetwear, casual attire, and yes, even yoga clothing.

Organic yoga clothing is quickly becoming the new way to go — and it’s about time you got in on the action. Keep reading to learn about 7 reasons why you should wear organic clothing.

1. Organic Yoga Clothing Is Kinder to the Earth

The number one reason that organic clothing is the way to go is that it’s healthier for planet Earth.

Pretty much everything that we make today has to get made fast. Because of this, a lot of cotton sources that are used to make clothing are grown using chemicals.

This is terrible for the environment since a lot of these chemicals are going straight into the soil or into water sources. From there, they go on to harm plants and animals.

Thanks to its more respectful manufacturing process, organic clothing requires fewer chemicals, less water, fewer pesticides, and ensure that you get the product you want without hurting the earth.

2. It’s Better for You

It makes total sense that clothing that’s good for the environment can also be good for you, too.

First of all, the manufacturing process is safer. You can be sure that organic clothing was made in the most humane way possible. So, things like overseas sweatshops and unfair wages are a thing of the past.

Concerning the materials, all organic garments are made using fewer chemicals. So the chances of you getting affected by these harmful ingredients are dramatically reduced. And who doesn’t want to wear clothing that benefits their health?

3. It’s More Sustainable and Safer for Farmers

Clearly, organic clothing is great for everybody involved.

Farmers benefit from producing organic materials, especially when it comes to the land they work off.

Hemp plants are a solid choice used in many pieces of organic clothing, and for good reason. It doesn’t contaminate the ground while it grows and requires absolutely no chemicals to preserve it for material use.

Organic cotton works in much the same manner, contributing to the health of the soil by requiring fewer chemicals to grow.

With this in mind, farmers won’t overexploit their soil with chemicals that could damage it. This allows them to use the same patch of land year after year, and eventually achieve sustainable farming.

It also benefits the farmers financially. The Fair Trade USA’s apparel program makes sure that organic clothing farmers receive a fair wage. They also invest in the growth of the farmer’s community.

4. The Clothing Lasts a Lot Longer

Not only are the clothes healthier to wear, but they last a lot longer as well.

A number of organic clothes are made from hemp, a plant that’s super hardy when it grows and extremely durable when used to make products like clothing and rope.

With organic cotton, you don’t have to add chemicals to clean or bleach it. This means that the fabric is structurally stronger when it enters the textiles compared to conventionally-grown cotton.

Other materials, like bamboo, are also used in a lot of organic clothes. And really, how fast do you expect bamboo, of all things, to wear down?

With such strong materials, you can be happy knowing that every penny you spend on your fabric will be worth it.

5. No Sheer Pants

If it’s one thing that we all hate about buying yoga pants, it’s that they tend to be super thin and super see-through. These are two things that no woman wants to deal with when working out!

The materials that organic clothing get made from gives them a thickness that ends the era of sheer clothing. It also allowed them to be flexible enough to enjoy any yoga position.

Unlike most conventional clothing, organic garments are quite breathable. This means you don’t have to worry about overheating while you’re working hard.

As an added bonus, these materials don’t shrink, so the size you buy is the size it stays. What more could you ask for?

6. The Fabric Feels Amazing

Yes, the fabric is thick and durable. Yes, your clothes will last much longer than anything that’s conventionally made. But can we just take a minute to talk about how amazing the fabric feels?

Though no conclusive studies have been done yet, some researchers do say that organic cotton is softer than bleached. They say the same about bamboo-made clothing, too. In fact, with clothing made from both materials, you don’t need fabric softener!

This may be because conventional cotton tends to shrink after the first wash, so the clothes quickly lose their comfortable feel.

Since organic cotton doesn’t shrink, it retains its comfort level for a long time, wash after wash, so your yoga sesh will be as cozy on day 20 as it was on day 1.

7. You Just Feel Great

Knowing everything you know about the benefits of organic clothing to farmers, buyers, animals, and Mother Earth, you’re bound to feel fantastic wearing them.

This feeling carries over to your day as well. It makes you feel supportive of a good cause as well as giving you the confidence you need to tackle any project!

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