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Bamboo clothing: Advantages of Bamboo as a Textile Fabric over Cotton?

Want to stay on top of fitness industry trends? Try bamboo clothing. Silky soft texture, easy to clean nature and renewable natural resources are the key reasons that make it so popular. Specially among the latest trends of Fashion Industries. It is made from bamboo fabric which is a natural, eco-friendly textile fabric. These fabrics are created from pulp of the bamboo grass, usually more durable, more comfortable and softer than the cotton. Some of the major advantages of bamboo are as follows:

Textile Benefits

Wonderful Texture of Fabric

Bamboo fabric is so comfortable and soft to touch that they are often compared to the reputed pashmina clothes made from cashmere fiber. Its wonderful glaze is sometimes compared to the shine of the silk.

Breathable and thermoregulating nature

It has hollow fiber with small gaps and pores that make it more moisture absorbent than other fibers. So, clothing made from this fiber is more breathable, thermoregulating and have better ventilation capacity.

Anti-microbial Properties

Bamboo tree trunk has natural microbe resistant bio-agents that protects it from bacteria and fungus. Therefore, bamboo clothing also inherits some of the antibacterial properties of its mother resource. Though this theory is not fully proven yet. But naturally, bamboo dress tends to decrease bacterial growth that causes body odor.

Hypoallergenic Properties

People who have allergy to some natural fibers (like- wool) have not shown sensitivity to bamboo cloth. Hence, bamboo fabrics is considered to have hypoallergenic properties.

Increased Dying Capacity

Bamboo fibers have a high capacity to uptake dying materials. So you don’t need to mercerize them to increase the intensity of color and shine of the cloth.


They are more durable and longer lasting than cotton. They don’t usually shrink in size even after many washes.

Environmental Benefits

Eco-friendly Resources

The main resource is the bamboo tree which grows naturally without any use of chemicals or pesticides. Unlike some other fabrics, the use of harmful chemicals for anti-microbial treatment is not necessary for bamboo fabric processing. We should wash bamboo clothing less often than other fabrics and thus it limits the use of detergents. By promoting less use of harmful chemicals, detergents and pesticides, bamboo fiber helps to preserve our natural environment.

Bio-degradable Characteristic

100 % organic bamboo clothing is processed with natural enzymes and are easily biodegradable. They decompose fully in nature within 4-6 months. But if you use chemicals to reduce processing cost, then it may hamper the bio-degradable nature of the fabric.

Environmental Sustainability

Bamboo tree is a highly renewable resource that regrows from its own roots. They are carbon neutral crop and take less time to grow than other fabric resources. So, increased use of it will help in achieving environmental sustainability.

Less consumption of natural resources

Bamboo tree consumes less time, energy and resources (such as water, space etc.) to grow than its other counter parts like cotton tree.

Personal Benefit

UV Protection

They protect skin from 98% of UV rays and help to prevent skin cancer.

Reduces body odor

When bacteria from human skin or the surrounding environment come into contact with the sweat of the human body then they produce bad smell. Bamboo fiber tends to decrease bacterial growth which is the major cause of body odor.


As bamboo fiber have natural resistance to bacteria, mold and body odor, so bamboo cloths stay naturally clean for a longer period of time. We suggest that you wash them less often than clothes of other fabrics. When needed, they are easily washable and don’t need any fabric softener.

Temperature control

If you wear bamboo tee shirts in winter then it will keep you warm. During summer time, it can reduce your body temperature up to two degrees and help to keep you cool and comfortable in the hot weather.

Uses of bamboo as a textile fabric

Softer than cotton and shiny as silk. With this greatest combination of comfort and style- women’s bamboo clothing has become the latest craze of the modern fashion industry.

They are naturally durable and flexible, what makes them a perfect choice for fitness apparel. They are great moisture absorbent and helps to keep you dry which is an important feature of bamboo yoga wear. This is why bamboo yoga pants and leggings are gaining more popularity day by day. Wearing perfect outfit does not only comfort you during your yoga practices but also boost up your energy. For example, Yoga Democracy designs their printed yoga leggings in such a way that they will gear up the excitement of your yoga lessons. You can also check out some designer clothing of Tasc Performance made from organic cotton and bamboo that are just perfect for silent sports like yoga.

Final Tips

Sustainable shoppers love bamboo shirts and pants for their cleanliness and hygienic nature. Lightweight fabrics and high ventilation capacity are another two important benefits. It will keep you warm in winter and cool in hot weather.

If you have perfectly fitted bamboo tops then you don’t need to worry about putting it into washing machine. Even after several washes, bamboo fiber will not easily shrink.

Bamboo fabric is naturally more breathable, comfortable and softer than other widely used fibers like cotton. So, bamboo sleepwear is always the best pick for having a good night’s sleep!


Moreover, one of the most important benefits of bamboo fibers is that they are eco-friendly and sustainable. Shifting to more sustainable products is a very important movement towards achieving a sustainable environment for a better world in the future. Many modern and reputed clothing brands are now making good quality sustainable products. If you are also looking for some sustainable, durable and stylish apparels, then prAna is one such brand name.

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