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Big On Bikram: The Top Benefits of Bikram Yoga

Yoga is a practice that goes back millennia and is growing in popularity year upon year. Did you know that over $16 million is spent each year on yoga classes, accessories and yoga clothes?

But why is yoga so popular? When you look at the multitude of benefits associated with regular yoga practice, then you will soon understand why.

There are many different yoga practices, and each brings its own range of benefits for both body and mind. Keep reading to learn all about the many benefits of Bikram yoga and how you can start reaping them today.

What is Bikram Yoga?

Bikram yoga is the original hot yoga. It is a relatively new twist on the ancient art of yoga, and one that goes above and beyond being a mere workout.

Created in the 1970s by a former multi-time yoga champion, Bikram Choudhury, it took the world by storm and has now a deep following right the way up into the celebrity ranks.

There are only twenty-six different poses in Bikram yoga, and unlike many other classes, each class will see you move through all of them. Taking place in a hot room, heated to 110 degrees, a Bikram hot yoga class will move through each move in turn. Every time. It’s the repetition and the gentle nature of the moves that allow you to slowly develop your flexibility and move through a greater range of motion.

The Difference Between Hot Yoga and Bikram Yoga

While you could be forgiven for getting the two confused, there is a difference. Bikram yoga is indeed hot yoga, but it is not the hot yoga a lot of people think of. It is its very own specific brand of hot yoga.

While regular hot yoga is a fluid yoga routine done inside a warmed room, moving fluidly from one post to the other, Bikram is different. The poses are individual, and they are structured the same every time. It is less of a progression and more of a standardized move set.

The Many Benefits of Bikram Yoga Practice

Bikram hot yoga is not for the faint-hearted, but it does have many benefits for those that see it through. Just make sure that you come prepared. Dress correctly and bring the necessary accessories to help make your class a success.

Improved Blood Flow

Your blood circulation is one of the first things to get a workout when you exercise in a heated room. The warm environment aids in circulation and that alone can have a positive effect on the body.

When you couple this with the deep breathing exercises, your body is in for a treat. Breathing properly oxygenates the blood. Improved circulation means better blood flow through the whole body, with the result being a well-oxygenated body that has you feeling great. That isn’t even talking about the workout itself.

Sculpt a Better Physique

Each of the poses within a Bikram yoga workout are specifically designed to stretch and work your muscles in a particular way.

You won’t build a big and bulky physique doing Bikram hot yoga, but you will get leaner and more toned. The heat plays a role in this but helping the muscles warm up and become more supple, allowing practitioners the ability to sink deeper into the poses to truly obtain the maximum benefit.

Psychological Benefits of Bikram Yoga

Working out in a heated room is a challenge. It is a mental challenge as much as it is a physical one. That is why the health benefits of Bikram yoga go beyond being a mere calorie burn or weight loss process.

Following Bikram hot yoga classes helps you work on your focus, and teaches you that you can overcome obstacles you may not have previously thought possible. Your first class might see you be the first to leave the room, but as you go one and one, you learn to dig down deep inside yourself. You find that mental reserve to tough it out one more breath, one more post.

It’s addictive in all of the right, and healthy ways.

General Health Benefits

Studies have also shown that there are several other general health benefits of practicing Bikram hot yoga. These include:

  • Improved bone density
  • Glucose tolerance
  • Boosted blood lipid profile

While Bikram yoga gets your sweating, if you are looking for a workout to solely burn away body fat, then you might be surprised. Bikram is a great workout, but in terms of calorie burn, it is not much different to taking a brisk walk of the same duration. That’s about 350-450 calories per 90-minute session.

However, coupled with the other benefits mentioned above, it is a great workout choice.

Yoga is More than Just a Workout

What is important to understand when it comes to true yoga success is that it is not just a workout. It is not a class you do once or twice a week. Yes, that is great, and it helps, but yoga is a lifestyle. It is an ethos.

The deeper meaning of Bikram yoga or any other goes into the way you conduct your life, and if you truly want to reap all of the benefits of Bikram yoga then understanding how these elements work outside of the classroom is vital.

There are eight limbs of yoga that when combined will allow you to live a truly balanced life. Everything will be harmony, and that is a pivotal point of existence. Upsetting the balance, work stress, family drama, money problems, they all leave a negative mark.

The practice of yoga and the adoption of a more balanced lifestyle can help you live happier and healthier.

Of course, you also want to be able to do it in style. Check out our store for some amazing yoga clothes that can help you feel great from the moment you put them on. We’ve also got all of the yoga-based accessories you will need to start your Bikram yoga journey today.

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