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Women attenting a hot yoga session

Can Hot Yoga Help to Lose Weight?

Put on your favorite outfit and get ready to burn some calories with a long and sweaty session! Hot yoga can be your secret weapon to cut off all stubborn fat and achieve a fit and sleek appearance. So, never miss your lessons if you really want to tone up your muscles, shape up your body and achieve all physical goals.

Hot yoga delivers you hot and humid ambiance, sweaty sessions of workout and increased mental focus on your goals and dreams. As soon as you step into a class, you may immediately start imagining yourself as the winner of a fat to fit contest!

But the burning question is: can it really help you to lose weight? Read on to find out the answer!

Common Characteristics Associated

Hot yoga is a series of different types of yoga performed in a warm and humid room that is usually heated from 80 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. The room condition is designed to encourage sweating. Each session usually lasts up to 90 minutes. Bikram Choudhury– the founder of Bikram Yoga, himself referred to rooms as “torture chambers”!

There are many types and styles such as- Vinyasa, Barkan, Bikram and Baptiste yoga etc. But Bikram is the most popular among them.

Benefits of Practicing this Type of Yoga

  • Help to detoxify your body by eliminating toxins through sweating.
  • Improve flexibility.
  • Tone up body muscles.
  • Increase strength and stamina.
  • Helps to reduce body weight.
  • Shape up your body.
  • Help to get rid of stubborn fat.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Increase mental focus.

You might be wondering how you can get these benefits? At first, let’s think about what happens to your body during 90 minutes long and sweaty session.

What Happens to your Body During Sessions?

The temperature of a room can be as high as 105 degrees Fahrenheit. The whole ambiance is created to encourage sweating. Hot yoga outfit is often compared to bathing suits as you get completely wet during your classes. So, don’t forget that specially designed outfit is required for heated room. Thus, your body flushes toxins with sweats and helps you to relax.

Excess sweating can cause water loss. Your water weight can be reduced but will be easily regained after re-hydration. That’s why you need to intake plenty of water and minerals after sessions.

Working up in a heated room rises your heart rate and warm up muscles. It also increases blood circulation throughout the body. Due to the elevated heart rate, you may feel like you are working harder than you actually are! Workout in hot and humid condition may seem really challenging to many people. But, working in a challenging condition also helps to increase your mental power and improve stamina.

How it Can Help you to Lose Weight?

Sitting in a heated room can cause sweating. But sweating a lot doesn’t mean that you are burning lots of calories. How many calories will you burn during a class will depend on the intensity of the postures and transitions you are performing. Classes help you to lose weight in many ways-

Burn Calories:

When you work out in a heated room, you heart rate becomes elevated. It makes your body work harder. Due to the higher heart rate, your calorie burning process become faster than usual. You can burn more calories in posture compared to normal yoga moves. It is a more intense form of yoga that amplify the benefits of regular yoga.

Reduce Fat:

You can shred stubborn fat with the help of yoga postures. Heat stimulates fat loss and releases fat soluble toxins more rapidly.

Hot yoga specially targets fat reduction from human body. When heart rate is elevated to 120 beats/minute for almost 20 minutes then your body enters into a state called “fat burning zone”. In this state, body starts utilizing stored fat to produce energy.

Tone Up Body Muscles:

During a session, warm muscles give you better workout effects. A series of different postures are performed that involves all important body muscles. It increases muscle flexibility and reduces strain on muscles. Performing sessions regularly tones up body muscles and shape up your body.

Prevent Weight Gain:

Practicing hot yoga can help you in better weight management. If you perform on a regular basis then you will be less likely to gain weight in future. It will prevent your body from storing extra fat.

Increase Physical Activities:

Yoga postures increase flexibility and allow you to take part in more intense physical activities. Your physical activity level plays an important role in reducing body weight. The more flexible you are, the more extreme physical activities you can perform.

Hot yoga increases your strength and build your stamina for more intense physical activities. Thus, it prepares you to reduce weight.

Improve Motivation:

It promotes healthy habits such as drinking lots of water and detoxifying your body, and reduces mental stress which helps to relax.

Research shows that classes provide motivations to obtain fit and healthy life. It increases mental focus that helps to achieve your physical goals.


Finally, how much weight can you reduce depends on various factors such as- types and intensity of yoga, length of yoga sessions, type of your body etc. You can burn 330 to 450 calories on average, during each session. But hot yoga practices combined with a healthy diet can help you to reduce weight more rapidly. Because your weight reduces only when your intake less calories than you actually spend every day.

So, consume healthy diet for less calorie intake and increase sessions for more calorie burning!


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