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5 Unusual Types of Yoga

Women practicing yoga with cat

5 Unusual Types of Yoga

The roots of yoga can be traced back 5000 years, maybe more. Yoga teaches sacrifice of ego and is based on self-knowledge and wisdom. So it may surprise you to know that today, you can now attend some yoga classes that would have made the yoga masters of millennia past shake their heads in wonder. Here are just a few examples of how this sacred practice has sometimes taken a turn for the weird.

Goat Yoga

Described mainly as ‘Unexpected’, Goat Yoga is an Animal Assisted Therapy, where goats distract from issues such as illness and work stress. Goats are surprisingly intelligent animals, social, and quite tactile, so it’s no surprise they love the extra attention from their human companions. Our favorite thing about Goat Yoga is these goats are rescue animals; could this be any cuter?

Cat Yoga

Ok, it got cuter. I bet you’ve all seen a video of a cat getting involved while its owner is actually trying to master the downward dog. Well, cat yoga takes that a bit further. In Santa Barbara, there’s a cat café called Cat Therapy that introduces cats from local shelters into yoga classes. As well as allowing the class attendees to enjoy kitty cuddles, within five months, 56 homeless cats had been adopted.

Beer Yoga

This one sounds more unusual, but across the Atlantic, a London pub in England is hosting Vinyasa Yoga classes where you can drink a cold beer at the same time. Yoga teacher Guzel Mursalimova says, “It adds a little bit more extra relaxation because a lot of people tend to be very tense when they come. Especially their first time.”

Hot Yoga

Often referred to as Bikram Yoga, Hot Yoga can actually be any style of yoga done in a heated room, usually kept between 95 and 105 F. The idea is that the heat helps loosen your muscles, and the profuse sweating helps cleanse your body. If you indulge, always use your own yoga mat and drink plenty of water! Caution: Not for pregnant women due to raising core body temperature.

Baby Yoga

Our final ‘weird yoga’ is actually a lovely practice that allows moms or dads and babies to have some crucial bonding time. Baby is on a mat and their arms and legs are very gently moved and stretched, then while baby relaxes and plays, it’s the parents’ turn. I personnaly went to a local session where we held our babies while we adopted a warrior pose; cue giggling moms and babies alike! It was a great stress reliever and highly recommended.

There really is a yoga type for everyone; for exercise, for therapy, and for relaxation.

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