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How to Find Your Soul Yoga Mat?

Getting the best yoga props for a yoga practitioner is often a priority. To be more specific, getting the right yoga mat can be quite confusing since there are so many questions that you need to ask yourself. Such questions include, how long will it last? Which color should I choose? Will I slip while using it? It is eco-friendly?

Just like all the other props, a mat might look simple when you have a first glance at it. However, what you do not know is that there are so many differences from one to the other in terms of color, dimension, material, and texture. These different types are suitable for use in different situations and they also have their advantages and disadvantages.

If you have ever carried out yoga, you know the importance of stability. Below are some of the things that you need to look at when buying your mat.


Gaiam Premium Metallic Bronze Medallion Yoga MatThe common wide is usually 60cm. However, if you realize that you have a bigger body, you can still get a mat that is more than 60cm. The length is also 180 -183cm. There are different variations when it comes to the size and you can go for a much bigger mat. The thing you should have in mind when you are selecting the best one is making sure you get something longer than your body. This will ensure you are always comfortable when carrying out your yoga exercise.


Usually made using plastic PVC, which is a light and durable plastic material that can be rolled up easily without forming any lines. Some mats have fabric fiber inside to make them stronger and avoid any incidences of tearing apart. Those made using PVC are usually stronger, durable and they can withstand any adverse weather conditions.

Other types are made using TPE eco-friendly materials meaning that they are biodegradable. As compared to the PVC, TPE mats are lighter, soft and easier to carry.

Yoga mats can also be made using the rubber material. Rubber offers great cushioning of your joints when you are carrying out your postures. They are usually heavier than PVC and TPE but they have great stability when used on the floor. Mats made using rubber also have less durability and require regular maintenance practices.

Color and Special Patterns

Gaiam Soft-Grip Sunset Yoga MatAvailable in all colors. As a yogi, you can get a mat that matches your preferences or the interior of your training room. Some contain an alignment line pattern that makes sure you are always carrying out your postures in a straight and symmetrical manner. You will also find mats with beautiful prints. Usually, people prefer choosing a color that matches their other yoga props.


The standard thickness of a mat is 4mm. This thickness makes it easier to carry around and also form a firm buffer between yourself and the floor while exercising. Some other have a thickness of around 6-8 mm. These are useful if you have very sensitive joints that need more support. A thicker mat offers more stability.

TPE types are usually thicker and soft. They can be used well in yoga such as hatha yoga. There are some which have a thickness of around 1-2mm and they are suitable for use if you are traveling. They can be folded and put inside the suitcase or the bag as you travel.


Manduka Yoga Mat

The material and the texture will define the grip. A good mat should offer a grip at the top and bottom to prevent you from slipping. Mats made using rubber usually offer the best grip that is combined with perspiration properties.

Some mats are also equipped with the latest dry-grip technology to ensure that no moisture is at the bottom.


The maintenance practices on the yoga props such as a mat can also determine whether you would like to buy it or not. Those made using rubber usually require more maintenance practices. If you carry your mat when heading to the training class, always ensure you use the same side when putting it on the floor.

If you sweat frequently when training, it is also important to ensure you clean it frequently. To clean your mat, you can use a damp piece of cloth and vinegar. If possible, avoid submerging in the water when cleaning. There are also some special sprays for yoga if you want it to be refreshed.


When buying yoga accessories such as a mat, it is important to look at the quality of what you are buying instead of the price. If yoga is your passion, you should not be worried about spending some few dollars to get the best one for you.


Finding your soul yoga mat is easier when you know what you are exactly looking for. The above factors should guide you to decide on the best yoga mats for your practice!

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