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Lolë’s Clothes: Activewear that Yogis and Travelers Love

Lolë has continued to be one of the top brands selling women’s wear for almost more than a decade now. It has a huge range of garbs including tops, bottoms, dresses, jackets, sports bra and swimwear. The designs are often guided by four main aspects:

  • Multifaceted
  • Comfortable and stylish
  • Feminine
  • Functional/logical

Lolë, also, makes activewear that yogis, travelers and fitness advocates are a fan of. The best part about it is that they don’t hold you back from both of these important factors: showcasing style and experiencing comfort.


Speaking of the brand, it is a 16-year old Canadian company that is famous. This brand holds the power to attract 10,000 participants to a public yoga even held in Central Park. Clearly, Lolë has big plans. It forecasts to hold large scale experiential events and take a little support of $18 million infusion from its parent company Coalision. Why? Because Lolë aims to spread its reach across the US and make itself bigger. So, it might be like you have not heard of this brand yet, but no worries, you soon will!

Sports Bra: Options available

Lolë has always been appreciated because of its varied bra range:

  • Sports bra
  • Workout bra
  • Exercise bra
  • Fitness bra

This is mostly because they have a comfortable and relaxed fit, and breathable fabric. These bras come in attractive colors and serve entirely different purposes. It makes you more confident in your own body and helps you be over with keeping up with other girls. This makes their collection a full circle. Lolë believes in its philosophy of “well-being and balanced lifestyle”, and hence, reflects it on their collection. Pick any apparel, and it will only leave you wanting more.

Sports bra: Things to consider

Starting with sports bras, it is natural to be a little picky with your bras. There are a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration while buying a sports bra:

  • Size and shape of your breasts
  • Kind of workout you do
  • Fabric that you are acquainted with
  • Cut of the sports bra
  • Color, price etc.

Guess what? The brand considers all the above mentioned crucial factors and provides you with the right sports bra that you need. It never goes with the one-size-fits-all policy. Hence, it has brought out a varied range of sports bras that act as the game-changer for you!

What next?

Next up, coming to the other kinds of bras, we have workout bras. Clearly as the name states, a workout bra has to have the right moisture management. This depends on the fabric which has to make sure that it dries up easily so that you don’t stay soaked in sweat. Similarly in an exercise bra, you must not experience any chafing or friction. Exercise bras, therefore, should have minimal seams and stitches. Fitness bras, on the other hand, should come with extra support. Hence, under wires and built-in or removable cups should be a must tick on the checkbox. Adjustable straps and hook-eye closures are also a convenient option when looking for a good fit.

Now, that the bras are done with, let us have a look at the other kinds of apparel that is brought by:


Lole-Palmira 2 PantsThese are available both as active wear and casual wear. This is the most perfect and recommended outfit for the lower portion for yogis and travelers. It is made out of a moisture wicking material. The intricate details in these leggings give it a feminine touch.

Tank tops

These are also available as both an active wear and a casual wear. These tops are really elegantly designed, and give you that sleek look once you wear them. They also come with a low-support integrated bra (in case you need extra support). The design aesthetic and the feminine tingle are highly flattering.


It has been a common craving that jumpsuits should always be cool, light and comfortable. Hence, Lolë has made sure that all their jumpsuits should be made of quick-drying polyester. This is one of the best outfits you can wear on a summer day, especially if you are a traveler. In the heat, the jumpsuit will take care of your sweat and your comfort.


Lole-Freddie CardiganFemales, generally, look for more of wraps than cardigans. Lolë brings you the perfect blend of a wrap and a cardigan in a variety of designs. It is made out of cotton and feels extremely soft on the skin. It goes around with your body and gives you that ruffled look! It comes in a variety of colors, so go pick your one!


Dresses come in all sizes – from XS to XL. A huge range of colors, prints and designs revolve around this particular wear. The light weightiness makes this dress to be a perfect pick as a yoga outfit (after pairing it with a legging, of course). It can also be worn over a swimsuit, so brownie points right there!


Sexy shaped capris can be a little uncomfortable to carry out. However, Lolë makes sure that all their capris are made out of breathable material. Since they come in a variety of sizes (starting from XXS to XL), finding your right size should not be a problem. Go grab yours now!


This was a bunch of urban clothing that we have tried to list out for the yogis and travelers out there. Surprisingly, it does not end there. We have also slipped casual wear information in between for those looking for it. Hopefully this article gave you a decent idea about the range of clothing Lolë has come up with. Go check them out for yourself and hop in for the reviews. Who knows? Maybe your particular review could lead to a well rounded evaluation.

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