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Manduka: Eco-Friendly Yoga Gear

Yoga is a widespread practice that has been adopted by many individuals. It has been known for weight loss and reducing cholesterol. It is also known to help you maintain a decent energy level throughout the day. Yoga performers know the worth a good yoga gear holds. It provides you the support and mitigates any sort of instability. It also saves you from uninvited strain.

Yoga gears do not allow you to go through any bruises during the practice. You succeed in carrying out a smooth yoga session comfortably. Here is where Manduka takes away the credit. It has been the best producer for a long run. Check out the article to know more about the brand new eco-friendly yoga gears, exclusively by Manduka.

Manduka has been known for producing the best yoga gears. Never have they gone down in the success graph. Thus, before jumping on to the details, we must know one thing. What are the things that we should keep in mind while buying a gear? The answer is listed in three simple point’s right here:

Manduka-unfold yoga strapSubstance

The substance that is used in the formation of the yoga gears affects them in many ways. The texture, durability, stickiness and comfort might vary. Also, the fact whether they are environmentally friendly or not gets challenged.

The ones made out of PVC materials are not toxic. They are durable and strong. The rest, however, are made of vinyl, rubber, cotton and other materials.


Width or the thickness of the yoga gears matter a lot. This is because both comfort and durability depends on the gear’s thickness. Any type of yoga practice can result in minor or major injuries. A thick yoga gear will save you from bruises. It provides more cushioning, ideal for any sort of yoga.


You must be sure that the yoga gear you are buying is user friendly in terms of the cost. If you are starting new, you must be concerned about longevity and price. Thus, it is important that they both complement each other. You will not want to waste money over something not long lasting.

Now that we know what to keep in mind before buying a mat, it is time to know where you are buying it from. The brand matters a lot. And talking about Manduka, it has had a history of excellent product production. The positive reviews and comments are uncountable. Do not take our word for it. Visit Manduka website and see it for you.

However, here are a few things that you must know about the brand as a part of your homework:

Manduka-Recycled Wool BlanketTransparency

As a successful company, Manduka realises the importance and weight of harming the environment. They believe in leaving no environmental footprints. Here is where Manduka commits to hundred percent transparency. They share about their ideas and intentions. They even share about their future strategies. Also, they take in your reviews and make room for further improvement.


Manduka believes in sustainability. They believe that it should not just remain as a myth. They try to accomplish it and also, obviously, succeed in it. This brand constantly try to be better with their products and make sure that they have an impact globally. They believe in kindness and loyalty.


Manduka builds their yoga gears with passion and precision. They engineer them soulfully and produce a perfect product. Their gears turn out to be the most comfortable and durable among all others. They are built with carefully selected materials. As already mentioned, they do not believe in leaving environmental footprints. Hence, they involve the tiniest bit of that possible.

The famous mantra that the brand follows by is: invest well, practice forever. They promote it, and they produce it. Now, when we talk about the eco-friendly yoga gear that has been a hit with the customers, there are quite a few things to talk about. Following are a few things that are the highlights of this brand new product:

Manduka-enlight™ round bolsterQuality

Made of biodegradable natural tree rubber. They are manufactured without producing any sort of waste. They are completely eco-friendly and come with zero harmful plasticizers!


The eco-friendly yoga gears are adequately thick and cushiony. They protect you from injuries and give you complete stability. They also save you from unnecessary strain. They are around 6mm-8mm wide.


The gears come with a very comfortable packaging. They provide you with a bag along with the gear. This helps you in easy transportation. You can carry it to your session or class easily. You can also just roll it and put it back in the bag to carry it back home without spoiling it.


The eco-friendly yoga gears are really soft and lightweight to carry. It is like you would not even feel like you are carrying a gear to and fro. Definitely not turn out to be a hassle carrying it around, they weigh only around two kilograms.


Coming in attractive colours, the bright and varied range will catch your attention in a second. However, the colours which are mostly available are purple, pink and green. The fact that they are mostly available in dark colours also justifies the fact that they do not show dirt quickly.


Manduka has earned tons of positive reviews over the many years. The eco-friendly yoga gear is something that you should definitely check out if you are into yoga. These yoga gears will elevate your luxurious yoga routine to a whole new different level. Getting a perfect yoga gear has never been this easy. So what are you waiting for? Grab yours now!


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