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Organic Cotton Clothing: 5 Tips for an Effective After-Care

As a sustainable shopper, you always want to use products and services that have a minimal impact on the environment. You also want to make sure that all the money you spend in your clothing is having a positive impact on the world. Here comes Organic Cotton Clothing. But it’s not only caring about the mother earth; it’s also about caring yourself. You don’t expose your skin to any toxins by wearing it.

Organic clothing are in general highly durable. However, even the pieces that are built to last longer can wear off easily if you fail to take care of them properly. So, how do you take care of your shirts or tank tops or any other clothing made of organic cotton? Here are some tips.

Only Wash Them if NecessaryPrana Women’s Verana Top

The American Cleaning Institute (ACI) suggests that T-shirts and tank tops should be washed after each wearing. Lifehack suggests that you should wash your yoga pants every 2 wears. But are you one of those people who wash their clothes too often? Something you need to know is that washing often breaks the fabrics.

If you regularly go out for your yoga workouts, make sure you wear your yoga clothing severally in between the washes. It will save your time and effort required to wash them. Above all, it increases the lifespan of your clothes so that you do not need to overspend your money on outfits. Some of the renowned organic clothing brands including prAna have their own product care guideline which includes washing instructions as well.

Use Cold Water and Natural Detergent

It is very important for any detergent manufacturer to list all the ingredients on the package. So, you can easily find the number of harmful ingredients present in the detergent. Always remember that you are wearing organic clothing. They cannot be able to bear the high amount of abrasive chemicals like ordinary clothes.

Patagonia suggests washing in cool to warm water with mild laundry detergent. I liked their product care guideline where they clearly recommended to use nontoxic and biodegradable laundry detergent. It is important to ensure you use a natural detergent to make sure your organic cotton yoga shirts and tops last longer. The next time you use a detergent to wash them, ensure it does not have any harmful chemicals.

Using cold water to wash your tops will prevent discoloration. In case you are using the washing machine, make use of color catching sheets.

Less Heat When Ironing

Most of the ironing tools are usually indicted with different heating modes for different materials. Cotton remains to be the highest heating mode. But you should remember that there is a great difference between conventional cotton clothes and organic cotton clothing.

They do not contain any chemicals.  This means that they actually have lesser resistance to heat. If you need to iron your shirts, begin with less heat and adjust accordingly. It will help you to avoid so much heat that can wear out your clothes.

Patagonia-West Ashley DressPrevent Your Clothes from Home Pests

Organic cotton can absorb sweat and natural oil from your skin easily. This means it can become a target for the home pests such as moths and silverfish.

As a way of taking care of them, do not leave them on the floor for long. Make sure you carry out your laundry activities regularly to prevent moths. The cleaner they are, the less the chances of these home pests attacking them.

De-cluttering the wardrobe is another possible way of preventing home pests. When you have more space in between your clothing, there are fewer chances of the moths eating them. If there is wool hanging around your wardrobe, make sure you hang it with the other clothes.

Most of the people have never thought about vacuuming their wardrobes. This is where most of the moths and silverfish stay.

Extra tips: Remove Stains

Just in case your organic yoga mat or cotton yoga tops get stained, use a stain remover. But the stain remover should be used to treat them in specific regions only. Always focus on the areas exposed to sweat such as the armpits, neckline and other stain spots. It will help you combat staining and other bodily odors.

If you have just had spilled coffee or wine and the stain is still fresh, run the item under the cold tap for 3-5 minutes. Continue to wrap the stain as you run it under a cold tap. If the stain still persists, repeat the action 2 or 3 more times.

If you need to get rid of the older stains, wrap a small amount of liquid laundry detergent when the surface is still moist. Leave it for about 5-7 minutes before rubbing the stain between your fingers to get rid of the stain. Rinse it thoroughly using cold water.

Other common alternative treatments include using vinegar, lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, egg yolk and in some cases alcohol.


Caring for your organic cotton clothing is one of the best ways of increasing its lifespan. Also remember that there are so many things you can do to keep your cherished clothes looking fresh and new. So, you might not be able to follow all the instructions. But at least try the above-mentioned ones to save time, money and energy.

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