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Women in yoga pose wearing eco-friendly yoga clothes

Organic Yoga Clothing: 11 Brands You Will Love

Organic clothing has become a conversation opener, especially in sustainable living communities. Recently, a friend asked me about any organic yoga clothing that I would recommend. Well, as you might guess I was not well prepared for the question and I therefore promised to carryout research to know more about organic yoga clothing.

Organic clothing has become a common trend in a number of activities and yoga is no exception. It has a number of health-related benefits as compared to synthetic clothing. Organic natural fibers are good for the skin and the environment. It does not contain any toxic pesticides, GMOs and fertilizers.

Cotton farmers grow organic hemp from different parts across the world as a way of protecting the environment. Some other people have their own personal preferences for choosing organic yoga clothing over synthetic clothing.

As a yoga lover, wearing organic yoga clothing is a clear reflection that you are committed to the yoga-friendly lifestyle.  I have created a list of the organic yoga clothing brands that you might need to try out.


Prana-Arrowland TankIt is one of the best organic clothing brands that I came across while carrying out my research. Since its foundation, prAna has focused on sustainability. It utilizes materials such as organic cotton, recycled polyester, recycled wool, and hemp to make organic yoga clothing.

In addition to the above sustainable strategies, the company uses renewable energy sources as a way of reducing greenhouse emissions. Organic yoga clothes made by the company are appropriate for yoga women who love fashion.

Why we love: prAna is not just an ordinary brand. It is one of the very few brands that cares not only about the consumer, but also the mother earth.

Groceries Apparel

If you are a busy lady who always thrives to look stylish when inside and outside the gym, Groceries Apparel fits you.  This company has its operations in LA California and it utilizes GMO– free fabrics to manufacture its products.

Some of the common organic raw material used in the factory are hemp, recycled fabrics, and organic cotton. They manufacture activewear and athleisure clothing.

Why we love: Groceries Apparel offers clothing that can be worn not only during a yoga workout but also any time you are hanging out with your friends.


Are you looking for organic Yoga clothing brands that use Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified cotton? Patagonia is for you! Patagonia is one of the very few established brands trying to reduce their environmental impact. 56% of its fabrics are  bluesign® certified. Patagonia is famous for its sweaters and vests. However, when it comes to Yoga, we prefer their leggings.

What we love: Patagonia promotes fair labor practices and they ensure safe working environment.

Earth Yoga

If you are looking out for a company that manufactures stylish Eco-yoga clothing, Earth Yoga should always be a priority. The company began its operations in 2008 and so far it is made of many staff who have a vast experience in the design of yoga clothes. Most of its staff are yoga lovers meaning that the company delivers the best yoga clothing.

It also utilizes a number of creative materials in the manufacture of its organic yoga shorts and pants. Materials such as recycled bottles, organic cotton and rayon from bamboo are utilized.

What we love: They don’t compromise with the design while developing organic clothing. That’s why their organic yoga clothing is fashionable and fun to wear.


Teeki proves how a brand can be inspiration for innovation, create value for the company and consumers alike. This brand is the perfect example of how important and significant innovations are taking place within the context of building an eco-friendly brand. They use fabric that is spun from fibers manufactured using recycled plastic water bottles.

What we love: What sets Teeki apart is the way they’ve incorporated sustainability into their product development process.

Ripple Yoga Wear

This is a US brand that produces a wide line of yoga clothes. The company brand is influenced by the yoga philosophy of mindfulness and consciousness. The company does not make all the yoga clothes from organic raw materials. However, it has included a specific section for Eco-yoga clothing. This section contains yoga shorts and yoga pants that are made out of organic materials.

What we love: Their products are motivated by the core Yoga principles.

Green Apple-Free Flow LeggingGreen Apple

This company manufactures of eco-yoga clothing using organic cotton and other biodegradable materials. Cristofer Smith is the founder of the company. He has worked with different award-winning organic yoga clothing brands for the past 13 years. This means that he has a clear understanding of what a yoga lover is exactly looking for.

Green Apple focuses on providing its customers with unique modern and fashionable organic yoga pants and organic yoga shorts.

What we love: The company offers free of cost domestic ground shipping on US orders. It’s a sign that they care about their customers.

Cozy Orange

This is the perfect choice for someone who is looking for modern yoga clothes for women. The company has a wide variety of organic yoga clothing designed and fitted for daily use during workouts. Common sustainable materials used during the manufacturing process include Lycra, recycled plastic bottles, supplex, tactel, nylon, and other organic materials.

What we love: The company also packages its organic yoga clothing using usable and recyclable materials. It also makes donations to the World Vision. This means that by purchasing their products, you will improve a livelihood somewhere.

Yoga Democracy

Yoga Democracy uses 60% recycled fiber. Their products are perfect combination of style and quality. If you are looking for ethical fashion companies that follow responsible labor standards and environmental practices, look no further! Yoga Democracy is here to serve you.

What we love: Finding the right yoga clothing can be quite a challenge. It becomes even more difficult when you look for organic brands. But Yoga Democracy offers ethical and sustainable yoga clothing to make your yoga journey easy.

Lily Lotus

This company has specialized in the manufacture of eye-catching organic yoga clothes for women. It utilizes Eco-friendly materials to manufacture its products. Through its great products, the company also empowers and inspires women by hosting numerous events.

What we love: Lily Lotus uses GMO-free organic cotton. They process these cotton without using any harmful chemicals.

SATVA Living

This is a New York-based organic yoga clothing manufacturer that uses eco-friendly fabrics to manufacture eco-yoga clothing. The company also carries out a number of activities to impact local communities. Such include donating to support rural communities in India.

The company manufactures yoga clothing that is comfortable and stylish. I recommend them for women looking for comfortable and affordable yoga clothes.

What we love: As CSR activity, Satva facilitates the education of young girls in the villages from where they source organic cotton.


The truth of the matter is that benefits associated with organic yoga clothing cannot be measured in quantity and currency. As a yoga lover, the best thing that you are looking out for during your regular yoga workouts is comfort and style.

With the above organic yoga clothes brands, you do not sacrifice your comfort, health or style for other clothes. The above list allows you to choose organic yoga clothes from any preferred brand to meet your workout needs.

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