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It’s Getting Hot in Here: The Best Hot Yoga Pants and Gear to Sweat In

The amount of people practicing yoga has shot up in the last few years and figures show that 78.3% took it up to improve their flexibility.

But, in order to improve your flexibility, you need to be wearing clothes which allow you to move. What happens when you add heat to this combination, too?

During Bikram yoga, the room is kept at temps to make you sweat. Keep reading to discover which hot yoga pants, tops, and mats are the best to use during Bikram yoga.

1. North Halsey Wild Flower Capri Legging

Firstly, find a legging which fits you well. Work out your size and choose a legging which sits on your body comfortably – not too tight or too loose.

Next, choose a legging which sits higher on the waist, as this is always comfortable (and great to wear after a day of eating!)

Then, choose something with a cute print. The North Halsey Wild Flower Capri Legging is the perfect choice for all three of these necessities.

And, how does it keep you cool while doing Bikram yoga? Well, it is mid-calf length! This way, you’re still wearing yoga pants but your legs are a little cooler.

These super cute pants cost $69.95. Or, you can purchase the longer version for $79.95.

2. Onzie Bras Help You Look Sexy while Profusely Sweating

Trying to impress someone cute at the gym? Don’t worry, an Onzie bra will help you stay cute while your face turns bright red and sweat drips down your back!

Check out this sexy High Neck Bra which has a sweetheart design and mesh panels. Or, try out the Stunning Bra which has an interesting geometric design pattern.

You can pick up this bra for $52 and instantly give your yoga gear a hot new look.

3. North Halsey Palm Leaf Yoga Legging

This pattern is certainly one of the cutest choices for anyone heading out on a beach holiday soon (or anyone simply wishing they were!)

These leggings offer a four-way stretch, meaning you can truly improve your flexibility without being restricted by your clothing.

Microfiber yarn is credited with creating a comfortable fit and these leggings are precision-cut and then hand-sewn after printing.

You can pick up these pants for $79.95.

4. TLF Apparel Mesh Designs Are Your Friend!

If you’ve found that every yoga pant or legging you’ve ever bought has caused you to sweat, then it’s time to switch to mesh.

We have hundreds of great mesh options for you to choose from. As well as ensuring you look cute as hell, mesh will keep you feeling cool during Bikram yoga.

A great few options include TLF Apparel Roam Capri which has a mesh panel fitted at the knee. It also has pockets so you can wear these bad boys all day!

Pair this with a TLF Apparel Donyale Tank and you’ll be looking put together for all your yoga classes. This top has a loose fit to give you extra movement. Make sure to wear a cute sports bra under it so you can pull it off if you still get too hot.

5. North Halsey Tropical Pineapple Yoga Legging

After an hour or two of Bikram yoga, all you’ll want to do is drink some water and refreshen with some pineapple.

Why not wear your favorite snack on your leggings? These super cute pants provide you with the stretch you need for your workout.

While partaking in a yoga class, it’s important that your clothes fit like a second skin. Better yet, they also need to be moisture wicking and quick drying to deal with your sweat!

Thankfully, these are the perfect pants. However, if you’d like something a little shorter, try the mid-calf option or even the shorts in the same print.

Want an entire look? Buy yourself a Tropical Pineapple Sports Bra and you’ll be looking put together and chic even after a sweaty workout!

6. Evolve Fit Wear Electric Yoga Pants

If you’re still wondering what to wear to hot yoga, these pants are your answer. They will cost you $94.00 but they’ll ensure you stay cool throughout your workout.

They feature a gusset, a smooth stretchy fabric, and a supportive waistband. They are a sleek black color and feature a mesh star on the leg which is both stylish and cooling!

Pair this with a black sports bra and you’re ready to rock your next hot yoga session.

6. North Halsey Spring Flower Yoga Shorts

These Spring Flower Yoga Shorts are so adorable. You will find that they are curve-hugging and extremely comfortable.

They offer a high waistband and soft yarn. For those who find the heat of Bikram yoga a little too much sometimes, they’re a perfect option as you’ll feel comfortable yet cooler than in long pants.

These shorts will cost you $49.95. You may also want to buy the longer version so that as you head home after your workout, you have something just as cute to slip into!

7. Get Yourself a Mat Towel

If you’ve done Bikram yoga before, you’ll know the struggle of dripping sweat onto your mat and then skidding on it…

In order to prevent this from happening, make sure to buy yourself a mat towel. The Manduka option is great as it will perfectly fit your mat and is only $38.

It offers a suede-like feel and enables you to grip the mat, even while your hands are soaking wet!

8. North Halsey Pink Flower Pedal Sports Bra

Once you’ve found the perfect yoga pant, it’s time to find a sports bra which supports you yet allows you to comfortably move while you practice yoga.

This Pink Flower Pedal Sports Bra is a brilliant option for those who want to incorporate a little more pink into their wardrobes.

It is simple enough to mix and match with many other items, yet has a pretty pattern so it’s not boring!

You’ll also find that this bra is made from moisture-wicking material so you stay dry while practicing your yoga moves.

You can enjoy the fact that you’re well-supported thanks to supporting shoulder straps, a double layer front, and a wide elastic band. However, this bra is recommended for women with a bust between an A and C cup.

You can pick up this beauty for $49.95. What are you waiting for?

Hot Yoga Pants Should be Cute Yet Cooling

When heading to hot yoga, don’t focus entirely on how you look. Figure out whether your hot yoga pants are moisture wicking and will keep you cool.

Thankfully, every item in this list is designed to make sure you feel comfortable during your session.

Have you found that Bikram yoga isn’t for you and instead you need jackets and sweatshirts as you’re taking your practice outside? Check out our range of clothes here!

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