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Yoga Nidra in bamboo sleepwear

What is Yoga Nidra: A Comprehensive Guideline

Yoga Nidra is quite often addressed as yogic sleep. It is a relaxation practice that aims at kindling physical, mental and emotional relaxation. This form of practice can elevate your mind, body and soul to an upgraded platform and helps you achieve a calmed body, flexible mind and boosted intuitions.

An hour of Yoga Nidra can be equivalent to four hours of normal regular sleep. It is a form of relaxation practice that holds the capacity to transform you to new heights. It intends to heal you from the inside and decrease your anxiety. But don’t forget that it requires some specific techniques, attire ( we prefer bamboo sleepwear) and ambience.

How does it help you?

Speaking of relaxation, we mostly acquaint it with listening to music or taking a walk in the park. Or maybe even watching a movie helps. Basically, something that comes naturally to us without having being trained for it. But most of them help you to achieve fragile mental peace. However, deep relaxation is something very different. It calms your mind and lets the physical stress of your body exhale out. It slows your heart beat down and makes your breathing gentle. As a result, both your body and your mind get the right amount of relaxation it needs. Yoga Nidra (or psychic sleep) makes sure it helps you in the right ways.

How do you do it?

What is the process to engage in Yoga Nidra? It could start with relaxation practices like pranayama. They could help you prepare your mind for the process. More specifically, it balances the two different hemispheres of the brain. This is because stimulation of the subtle energies of our vital source, the prana, is very important. The technique of Yoga Nidra is practiced mostly after relaxation practices like pranayama. The main objective of pranayama is to set the positive intention in your soul. This gives you a purpose to participate in the session.

Benefits of this activity

The benefits of this activity seem to be endless. It restores your mental peace and relaxes you of your physical tension. Following are some of the ways it will bless you:

  • Make it easy for you to get rid of your insomnia.
  • Helps you to bring down your anxiety level significantly.
  • Mitigate mental, physical and emotional stress.
  • Alleviate PTSD and chemical dependency due to chronic pain.
  • Foster clarity in your head.
  • Curb the negative behaviors and habits.

You need a warm and quiet place to carry this practice out for best results!

How is it different from meditation?

Women practicing relaxation to reach Yoga Nidra

Image: Pixabay

You must be wondering that how is this different from meditation? They both might sound exactly like the same. Clearly, it is very different. Why? The number one reason being the posture. In meditation, it is advised to sit with your spine straight. However, in Yoga Nidra, you are supposed to lie down flat on the ground.

While meditating, you must be alert and aware of your surroundings. On the other hand, while being in Yoga Nidra, you are expected to be somewhere in between being asleep and being awake. It intends to take you to a semi-hypnotic state.

Bamboo sleepwear: the right attire!

Since it is already hinted that ambience matters a lot, it is believed that your attire matters a lot as well. The perfect fit for this purpose would be a bamboo sleepwear. They are comfortable and stylish at the same time. Made from 100% organic bamboo, they are designed for comfy sleeps and relaxation practices. While exercising with your skin stretching, you can feel the fabric against your skin. It feels baby soft and makes you wish that you never get out of it. This ultra breathable fabric makes the bamboo sleepwear an all time favorite!

The process

For better explanation, let me categorize Yoga Nidra in five simple steps!

Induction of awareness into the body:

We must create an intention that we wish to inculcate in our lives. The primary aim of this step is to alienate the mind. It is now secluded from any external stimuli. It is alert and aware. The body and the desire for attention are now alien to the brain. This creates pratyahara (sense withdrawal). It intends to introduce you to the subconscious and unconscious stages of mind.

Consciousness of prana:

The body being alert, it is time for the body to work now. The body is subtle now. We have to expand our vision beyond us. We have to acknowledge the vastness of the universes that are out of our reach. Through breathing mechanisms, we continue departure from external body.

Awareness of the soul and feelings:

The objective at this step is to use the interplay of polarized emotional occurrence through a kind of word association. The disorientation of your closeness to emotional and conditional programming is important. This happens in the subconscious awareness hidden from the conscious mind.


At this stage, the content of the unconscious mind is acknowledged. Everything including our mental and psychological mapping, impressions, ideas and actions are taken into account. At this point, we collect all these and try to cleanse our mind and settle to create mental peace. This guided visualization evokes responses in our relaxed mind.

The terminating step:

Here, we revisit the intention we made at the beginning. We sow its seeds in the garden of the unconscious mind. After that we return back to our conscious awareness.


Several hours of sleep can be only as restorative as just one hour of Yoga Nidra. Not only that, it can help you get clarity in life. It brings you a purpose and will to fix your problems in life. At times when you feel like there is no way out, this practice can help you gain mental peace and strength.

However, merely reading about this practice won’t be of much help. You have to try this out and see if and how it works for you. If it helps you to manage your stress and lead a peaceful life, go ahead! Make the most out of it!

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