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Two women doing yoga in shorts and leggings.

What to Wear for a Hot Yoga Session? The Ideal Hot Yoga Clothes

While performing yoga in a hot, humid atmosphere, ideal hot yoga clothes will not only give you comfort but also boost up your energy for longer lasting sweaty sessions!

When it comes to being comfortable in a hot yoga class, it’s important to pay attention to what you wear. And considering that when you step out of the class you will feel like you just stepped out of a swimming pool in the jungle, choosing clothes for this environment will improve your experience.

Everyone wants a little more bang for their buck these days- and hot yoga provides just that. It’s one reason why it’s soaring in popularity. With the weather in the Northern Hemisphere turning colder, it’s time to crank up the heat in the studio- and your practice. Maybe you’re a newbie to the room or looking to make the change from Bikram yoga to hot Vinyasa. The change of the seasons is the perfect time to try new things. Is your yoga wardrobe ready with a hot yoga outfit?

Maybe you’re curious about what to wear or perhaps a few new items in your closet will inspire you to break out of the house and break a sweat more often. Whatever the reason, there’s no need to stress about what to wear- you just get to leave after the job is done stress-free and feeling fine in your yoga threads.

How to choose your outfit for a session?

Here are some tips to remember while choosing an ideal outfit for your upcoming lessons:

Be a minimalist

  • In case of hot yoga clothes, never go for anything fancy! Think like a minimalist and always try to take as few as possible.
  • During a class, your body cools itself off by sweating. This is why having the perfect outfit is so important. Think about what you would wear swimming and the yoga equivalent would be a pair of form-fitting shorts and a sports bra. No scarfs or sweaters needed here; less is better!

Choose properly fitted clothes

  • Wearing baggy clothes or tops that hang will be a great disservice to your practice. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it can become heavy with sweat which can disrupt your alignment. Additionally, you or your instructor may be unable to see a clear view of your alignment during the practice, too.
  • Try to avoid long sleeves or layered clothes. Finding yourself trapped into sweaty layers of clothes is never appealing!

Choose your clothing materials carefully

As you can tell so far, not only is the fit important but the fabric choice of your clothing for hot yoga is also important.

  • Moisture-wicking and quick-dry type of materials are best suited for the hot yoga room.
  • Full cotton clothing may seem comfortable but they are not really suitable for your classes. Cottons trap sweats and become heavy and sticky when wet.
  • Natural fabrics with antimicrobial properties can help you to prevent molding and after class smells.
  • High performance, 4-way stretch fabric will keep you comfortable and last through many sweaty yoga sessions.
  • Think about breathable fabrics.

What type of clothing should you wear?

Beyond Yoga-Hot Yoga ShortHot Yoga Shorts or Pants

Hot yoga shorts are a popular choice for many reasons. First, you may feel a cooler body temperature with the skin exposed on the legs. Additionally, it can be helpful for alignment purposes to see the whole leg, to make sure the ankles, knees, and hips are aligned and working properly.

Hot Yoga Leggings

For those who enjoy a little more leg coverage, moisture-wicking yoga leggings will be your best friend. Yoga leggings are a great choice for a non-Bikram hot yoga class where you may want the legs covered to practice poses like arm balances without slipping. The extra coverage will help the legs stay put on the arms for better balance. These leggings will feel like your second skin. Look for brands that incorporate quick-dry fabric technology into their yoga clothes for the heated room.

Hot Pink Yoga TopHot Yoga Tops

When it comes to tops, the same rules apply. Sports bras make a great choice so there is less wet clothing weighing you down while you sweat, literally. Onzie makes a versatile sports bra with quick-dry material that’s perfect for hot yoga.

Form-fitting tops with built-in bras also work very well. Depending on your choice, you may wish to wear a cover-up before or after a session. A comfortable and breathable top you can easily throw on or off works well here, such as a loose tank top you can wear over your sports bra. Once you start sweating, just toss it to the side or throw it on after class to beat the chill from stepping back into room temperature!

Hot yoga towel

Don’t forget your towel! You may need several towels during your session to spread on your yoga mat, mop your sweat off or use after bathing.

Hair Accessories

If you have long hair then it is best to wear a ponytail or high bun during your classes. If your hairs are short then you can also use headbands to sweep your hair from your sweaty face and neck.


It is better to perform without shoes. But if you are not comfortable to workout barefooted, then you can grab a suitable pair of yoga socks.

Things to Remember

  • Your clothes should be breathable but never too lose. Always try to avoid loose shorts or tops during your classes.
  • Try to wear well-fitted and simple under garments that don’t have any print or pattern. Don’t forget, even a black leggings can be transparent when stretched.

So, when you are headed to your hot yoga classes, don’t forget to put on your ideal hot yoga clothes and grab your water bottle too!

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