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Who Will You Help by Wearing Organic Cotton Leggings?

What if we told you some clothing choices inadvertently poison people and wildlife? And that you could stop it, by rocking comfortable, sexy-as-hell organic cotton leggings?

The polyester that’s in regular yoga leggings pollutes waterways and can harm people and wildlife. If you’re into yoga, that’s sure to worry you. Because for us yogis, peace starts within and spreads to the people around us. We’re not exaggerating when we say organically grown crops change lives. They can have a more positive effect on the environment, on producers, and on you.

Yoga pants are usually made from polyester. Talking organic yoga pants means talking organic cotton, which is grown differently. Farmers of organic crops use methods and materials that lessen their environmental impact.

Who Stands to Benefit if You Make the Switch to Organic Cotton

You (And Your Unborn Grandchildren!)

We know that some pesticides can have an impact for generations. Researchers found the pesticides our grandparents were exposed to had an impact on our health, three generations later.

Pesticide residue has even been found in the breast milk of nursing mothers. This can have an especially damaging effect on infants, whose developing brains are vulnerable. So any cotton-growing process that limits pesticide use sounds good to us!

You might have experienced itchiness, rashes or headaches when you wear a particular t-shirt. This can be caused by chemical residues, which are still stuck in the threads of your clothes.

If your skin is easily irritated, look for ethically produced, natural fibers. Options include ahimsa silk, hemp, and organic cotton.

Farmers, Workers, and Wildlife

Organic crops are treated with less herbicides, pesticides, or GMOs. That’s a whole lot of harmful chemicals NOT being absorbed by pickers’ hands, or harming wildlife. Pesticides unintentionally kill roughly 67 million birds each year in the US alone!

Non-organic cotton is responsible for 10% of the world’s use of pesticides and 25% of the insecticides. These deadly chemicals shorten the life of farmers through poisoning their bloodstreams. The World Health Organization estimates that 20,000 people die each year from pesticide poisoning, and 10,000 US farmers each year from chemical-related cancers.

The Planet

Organic cotton growers focus on crop systems that aid soil fertility, making biologically diverse agriculture. They use much less water, too.

Did you know a regular cotton farm uses on average 20,000 liters of water to make enough cotton for a pair of jeans and a t-shirt? The world’s biggest cotton producers are in China and India. With enormous populations like theirs, you’d think that water could be put to better use.

Influence a Culture of Ethical Production

Unethical, unsustainable farming practices exist. But we have more power than we realize to stop it. We have consumer power.
Want to see more ethical, organic cotton in the shops? Processes that use less water, avoid toxic chemicals, and feel better on your skin? Then vote with your dollar.

Benefits of Organic Cotton

Organic leggings help the earth, farmers, and wildlife. They won’t irritate your skin and will even ‘breathe’ better. Which means you won’t have to wash them after every wear.

Plus, it’s a yogi-culture thing. You’ve signed up for yoga, presumably, to feel more connected to the physical sense, the earth, or wellness. When doing an activity for clarity, and inner peace, why do it trapped in synthetic or unethical fabric? Organic cotton is lightweight and breathable. Fitted cotton will stay in place, even when you’re downward-dogging.

Still Not Convinced?

Now, if you’re still unconvinced, we have one final argument for organic clothing. It lasts longer! Materials like hemp are drought-resistant and pretty tough. Organic cotton doesn’t need cleaning or bleaching by chemicals. That makes it a tougher fiber even once processed into clothing. If you already have some organic clothing items, you might have noticed how long they last.

And while here we make the case for organic yoga pants, this is also true for bedding and towels. They’ll last much longer than pieces made from regular, unsustainable cotton. Ethical and organic clothes have come a long way. You can find organic yoga leggings with sexy lace panels and in chevron or stripe patterns. You can buy a style that highlights your bubble butt or slims your silhouette, high-cut or hipster fold.

Say ‘Namaste’ to Organic Yoga Pants

Now you know about the harm created to people and the earth by the fast fashion industry. So what are you waiting for? Opt for ethical — but criminally sexy — organic cotton leggings!

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