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Trending: Yoga Leggings and Tops Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles

It has been quite some time that we have started taking steps to save the environment. The steps might be small, but not insignificant. One of these steps is the topic that has been mentioned above in bold. Recently, some brands, namely, Sweaty Betty’s, Athleta and others have started producing yoga leggings and tops made from recycled plastic bottles.

This step could prove to be life-changing if implemented properly. This could save the planet from billions of harmful plastic bottles. It is said that for every legging, seventeen bottles get used up.  It can be bet you would feel like a superhero saving the world by wearing these eco-friendly leggings and tops. 

The topic in itself sounds fantastic. It can be inferred that the industries are finally paying heed to the environment. They are trying to make it better by producing less toxic. They are using the trash and turning it into treasure. This reduces the toxic load on earth by so many units. 

Following are some of the exclusive information that you must know about this trend:


As already discussed, the yoga leggings and tops are made out of recycled plastic water bottles. They are available as full length workout leggings and are very decently priced as well. The material feels soft on your skin and is extremely breathable. 


The fabric is 84% RPET (Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate) and 14%-16% spandex. It is so light that it feels just like another layer of skin. This is a 4-way stretch active wear and feels extremely comfortable when worn. It allows complete freedom of movement and is ideal for an active lifestyle.

You can wear them on the streets, studios or even on vacations. Looking for the cookie points? Here it is: the active wear is very quick to dry (basically, moisture wick) and has anti-bacterial properties. 


Every brand tries to incorporate their creative minds in this area. Each one of them has a unique and beautiful design range. Thus, that definitely depends from brand to brand but one fact does not change. The prints and designs will not fade away ever. This is because they have 50% UV protection. 


The yoga leggings are mostly high-waist. They are extra long and keep everything in place. These leggings will give you a smooth and peaceful yoga session.


The purpose of bringing up this wide new collection of yoga leggings and tops is solely for the betterment of the planet. The commitment of cleaning the landfills and oceans of plastic waste has been reflected here. In addition, you can be a part of it just by buying and trying one of these!


Visit a website of any brand selling yoga leggings and tops made from recycled plastic water bottles. Literally speaking, all you will see are positive comments. There are no complaints about any aspect of these products. 

Now that you are well acquainted with the product, you must know where to buy it from. A collection of brands are producing and selling them. Apparently, there is no dearth of waste, it seems. In every other corner of a street, there is a plastic water bottle tossed reluctantly waiting to be never degraded into the soil.

Hence, check out the following brands and know your preference:


If you are into heavy yoga training sessions, these tops and leggings will fit you the best. They stick to your skin and move with your every move. Thus, it emphasizes on high performance. They also provide extra support and thickness according to every body type. Plus, they are super affordable.

Sweaty Betty

This brand provides machine washable active wears. They are made of quick drying and moisture wicking material. They often come up with trendy designs and patterns that attract the customers widely. Their website is full of super pumped up reviews showing the craze. These active wears are so comfortable that you can even sleep in them. 

yoga-democracy-recycled-plastic-bottles-leggingYoga Democracy

Yoga Democracy has always been known for its creative prints and designs. The unique and vibrant range gets appreciated very often. Moreover, they own their prints and are one hundred percent original. Visit their website and you would not be able to pick a favorite because they all are amazingly eye-catchy. 


This brand contains active wears according to everybody’s taste. They are made in different colors with an original touch. Their leggings are worth wearing to any yoga session. Moreover, they are so breathable and comfortable that they can be worn at night outs as well. Their yoga leggings and tops will give you a sense of empowerment and will definitely make you feel the best. 

Niyama Sol

Their yoga leggings and tops have a crazy mix of geometrical and figurative patterns and designs. They tend to feel soft on the skin. Therefore, if you are looking for neutral colored active wear, this is the perfect place to look! They are perfect for any summer evening yoga training session out in any park.

Colorado Threads

It is a myth that recycled plastic water bottles will cost you your comfort. But that is not true at all. The proof is active wears from this brand. The come in a wide range of sizes and come with pockets. 


This article aimed at explaining the immense benefits of using these garments. The companies have taken a really big and impactful step towards saving the planet. This should not just be a trend. The steps taken behind adopting better food, clothing, bags etc. should be the way we start living.

This latest source of creativity of using recycled plastic bottles is appreciable. The least that can be expected from you is to be a part of this movement. Try these on and you would only want more!


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