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What to Wear With Yoga Pants

Women wearing yoga pants

What to Wear With Yoga Pants

In recent years the hype surrounding yoga pants has truly skyrocketed. In fact, studies have shown that the sale of yoga clothes and the boom in the athleisure trend increased by 45% from 2014-2015. Whether it’s thanks to the likes of supermodels such as Gigi Hadid or a strong movement towards comfort over form, we aren’t complaining! Believe it or not, yoga pants can be worn at almost any occasion nowadays, from work to brunch, out to dinner and into bed.

So, if you’re looking to get in on the trend and wondering what to wear with yoga pants on your next outing, read it all here…

What to Wear With Yoga Pants for Almost Every Occasion

Before leaving the house in yoga pants there are a few important unwritten rules to keep in mind.

Just some of these include:

  • Invest in the right size yoga pants – purchasing a size too small is not a good look, so buy the correct size for your frame
  • Avoid showing off panty lines at all costs – always wear yoga pants with a thong, seamless underwear or go commando if you have to!
  • Don’t wear yoga pants which are thread-bare, stretched or overly faded
  • Always make sure your yoga pants are made from a breathable material which is kind to your skin
  • Always do a squat test on your yoga pants to check for transparency when you bend over

Choosing high-quality yoga pants is your answer to the longevity of wear and ensuring all your outfits are on-point, no matter the occasion.

With this being said, here’s how to dress up yoga pants for these four occasions:

1. Yoga Pants and Chill

What’s one thing that most pairs of yoga pants have in common? You could literally live in them because they’re that comfortable.

This is where yoga pants and chill go hand-in-hand. When you’re relaxing with friends, a boyfriend, or any partner, the aim of the game is to be comfortable. Yoga pants are ideal for this.

So whether you’re Netflixing and chilling, eating a Sunday roast or building a puzzle, your yoga pants could be worn with:

  • An over-sized tee
  • A button-up plaid shirt
  • A baggy, over-sized sweater
  • A cropped tee with a long-sleeve jumper over the top
  • An over-sized hoodie
Women wearing the Amari Active "Hustle Muscle Hoodie"

Amari Active “Hustle Muscle Hoodie”

Finish off your relaxed outfit with a pair of your favorite sneakers, some fashionable slides or even Ugg boots if it’s cold!

2. Yoga Pants and the Workplace

Say what, yoga pants can actually be worn in the workplace? That’s right!

The added bonus is that you’ll be comfortable all day and hardly anyone will notice if your outfit is styled correctly.

For the perfect work outfit, ensure your yoga pants are black, grey or navy blue to make it a little less inconspicuous. Team your yoga pants with:

  • A long-sleeve white blouse that reaches past your buttocks, paired with a chic black blazer
  • A navy or denim chambray shirt
  • Wear a bodysuit and a long duster coat over the top with high-waisted yoga pants
  • A short, above-the-knee dress, belted at the waist

Of course, all of these outfits can be perfectly brought together with a pair of black or nude heels or ankle booties and accessories.

3. Yoga Pants and Brunch

If we’re being honest, this is probably where the inception of yoga pants worn as everyday attire was born.

It’s only natural: you go to an early yoga class, then you go to brunch after, but who could be bothered to change after, right? Not us!

Yoga pants for brunch dates, food shopping, and daily errands can be teamed with these items for a simple, chic look, whether you worked out or not:

  • A mid-length floral blouse and a loose-fitting cardigan over the top
  • A tight-fitting cropped tee or workout top and leather jacket
  • Wear a simple slogan tee, high-waisted yoga pants, and an oversized camo jacket
  • An undershirt, oversized jumper combination
  • A simple black tee and an oversized denim jacket in a light or dark wash
  • A simple polo-neck with that is slightly oversized to cover the buttocks
Women wearing Lole "Marin Cardigan"

Lole “Marin Cardigan”

All of these looks can be tied together with a pair or casual sneakers, workout trainers, ankle booties or slides.

4. Yoga Pants and a Night Out on the Town

Last, but definitely not least, yoga pants can most certainly be worn for a night out with the girls, because, why not?

If they can be worn in the workplace, yoga pants can be dressed up and shown who’s hot in town in equal measures!

If you’re headed ”out-out” for dinner, drinks and a little boogie, style your yoga pants with:

  • Wear high-waisted yoga pants with a tight-fitting crop top and pair with a leather or denim jacket
  • Similarly, high-waisted yoga pants can be worn with a lacy corset or sheer top with a black bra underneath
  • A shimmery cap-sleeve top which reaches past the buttocks
  • A plain black tight-fitting tee, paired with a long duster coat over the top
  • Pair high-waisted yoga pants with a bodysuit and leather jacket
  • A short mini-dress belted at the waist and finished off with a statement jacket in suede or leather

Women wearing yoga pants with a leather jacket

Dress-up looks are also all about the accessories, so don’t forget to add heels, over-the-knee boots or ankle booties to your outfits!

Tie everything together with a pair of statement earrings or necklace and you’re good to go.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in October 11, 2018 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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